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 SmackDown ! 2: Know Your Role

Издатель: THQ
од выпуска: 1999
Кол-во дисков: 1
Язык: Английский/Русский.
[Review] [Secrets]
WWF/New Costume/Japan WCW/ECW Legend

The Big Show, Chaz, Molly Holly, K-Kwik, Los Conquistadores, Raven, William Regal, Terri Runells, Goldust

Новые костюмы

Kane, The Undertaker, Ivory (RTC), Val Venis (RTC), The Goodfather, Al Snow (J. O. B. Squad), "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry, Bradshaw (Acolytes), Faarooq (Acolytes), Buh Buh Ray Dudley (Dudleys)


Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Mitsuharu Misawa, The Great Muta, The Great Sasuke, Manami Toyota, Aja Kong


The Big Show:

Model A-3

Face: Figure 7
Nose 71
Eyes 10--Default
Mouth 29

Hair: Figure 3
Base 1--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 100

Upper Body:
Standard-Original: 60

Lower Body:
Standard-Original: 76

Head---Mass 123/Width 130/Thick 116
Upper Body:
Chest--Mass 132/Width 137/Thick 128
Abs----Mass 136/Width 145/Thick 128
Arms---Mass 138/Width 149/Thick 128
Fore---Mass 156/Width 176/Thick 137
Wrist--Mass 147/Width 160/Thick 135
Hands--Mass 176/Width 196/Thick 156
Lower Body:
Feet---Mass 132/Width 136/Thick 128

Weapon-Piped Chair

Moves: Unknown X


Model A-2

Face: Figure 1
Nose 16
Eyes 42--Default
Mouth 19

Facial Hair: 27

Upper Body:
Wrists 26--L 42/Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 128
Lower Body:
Standard-Superstars: D-Lo Brown

Skin: 2
Music: D-Lo Brown
Logic: Grapple & Aerial

Power 3 1 1
Speedy 4 3 3
Tech 3 2 2
Rough 3 2 2

Stance - Jeff Hardy
Ring In - Jumping
Ring Out - Normal
Taunts - Christian
Hardcore Holly
Winning & Entrance Move - D'Lo Brown
Front Dropkick
Half Belly To Belly Suplex
Belly To Belly Suplex
Wrist Clutch Suplex
Queen Arm Scissors
Sky High
Hopping Sunset Flip
Diving Reverse DDT
Half Nelson Suplex
High Angle Back Drop
Turn Facing Front
Short Arm Scissors
Eastern Stretch
Big Swing
Stretch Muffler
Diamond Dust
Spider Stretch
Foot Choke
Knee Attack
Boss Man Attack
Vaulting Body Press
High Flying Body Press
Missile Dropkick
Diving Hurracanrana
Diving Leg Drop
Frog Splash
The 450
Rolling Clutch Pin
Facecrusher 2
Back Flip To Pancake
High Angle Suplex
Special: Reverse Death Valley Driver
Favorite: Hurracanrana

Molly Holly:

Model B-2

Face: Figure 2
Nose 92
Eyes 77--Default
Mouth 90

Hair: Figure 6
Base 56--Var 140/Shade 128/Bright 100
Fore 17--Var 152/Shade 116/Bright 120
Back 1--Var 150/Shade 130/Bright 172

Upper Body:
Base 4
Chest 3
Shirt 57--Var 100/Shade 250/Bright 200

Lower Body:
Tights 19--Var 255/Shade 200/Bright 120
Shoes 1--L 45/Var 110/Shade 155/Bright 140

Skin: 1

Head: Mass 130/Width 133/Thick 128
Upper body:
Hands: Mass 110/Width 110/Thick 110
Lower body:
Waist: Mass 118/Width 118/Thick 118
Thighs: Mass 110/Width 110/Thick 110
Legs: Mass 110/Width 105/Thick 115
Feet: Mass 132/Width 135/Thick 130


Model A-1

Face: Figure 1
Nose 19
Eyes 25--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 0
Mouth 102

Hair: Figure 2
Base 77--Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 108

Upper Body:
Base 7
Figure 2
T-Shirt Accessory 21--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 0
Wrists: 1--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 0

Lower Body:
Pants 13--Var 128/Shade 59/Bright 116
Shoes 5--Default
Belt 7--Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 80

Height: 599

Headscissor Takedown
Dragon Suplex
Outside Crescent Kick
Jumping Calf Kick
Special: 450 Splash

Los Conquistadores:

Model A-2

Accessories 28
Mask: 7--Var 139/Shade 148/Bright 128
Mask-Accessory: 3--Var 141/Shade 158/Bright 84

Upper Body:
T-Shirt 1--L 127/Var 3/Shade 111/Bright 140
Shirt 31--Var 19/Shade 86/Bright 164
Wrists 17--L 38/Var 0/Shade 218/Bright 128
Hands 1--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 128

Lower Body:
Tights 1--L 128/Var 0/Shade 134/Bright 128
Shoes 1--L 58/Var 0/Shade 134/Bright 128
Knees 1--Var 0/Shade 134/Bright 128

Create 2 copies of these guys...

Conquistador Uno (Edge/Matt Hardy)

Conquistador Dos (Christian/Jeff Hardy)

Dos is slightly shorter

Use Essa Rios's video and create a stable called Los Conquistadores.


Model A-2

Face: Figure 1
Nose 10
Eyes 26--Default
Mouth 1

Hair: Figure 11
Base 74--Var 124/Shade 132/Bright 100
Fore 8--Var 128/Shade 245/Bright 140
Facial Hair: 2--Var 128/Shade 176/Bright 120

Upper Body:
Base 2
Figure 1
Tattoo 56--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 104
T-Shirt 7--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 0
Wrists 1--L 50/Var 128/Shade 77/Bright 208
Elbows 1--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 120
Hands 7--Fingers 1, Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 128
Accessory 143--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 128
Jacket 10--L 127/Var 36/Shade 128/Bright 100

Lower Body:
Base 1
Figure 1
Tattoo 37--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 100
Socks 2--L 58/Var 127/Shade 128/Bright 204
Shoes 8--L 53/Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 24
Shorts 1--L 87/Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 92
Knees 6--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 0

Austin Punches
Buh Buh Ray Punches
Boxing snap jab
Boss man uppercut
Back elbow smash
Beat Head
Manhattan Drop
Side Suplex
Falling Neckbreaker
Hard Scoop Slam
Reverse Suplex
Pendulum Backbreaker
Back Side Slam
Pumphandle Drop
read naked choke drop
Facecrusher 1
Angry Stomp
Elbow Drop
Leg Drop
Fury Punch
Strangle Hold
Side leg lock
Standing leg lock
Shoulder Thrust
Foot Choke
Spider Stretch
Knee Attack
Running Knee Strike
Vaulting Body Press
High Flying Body Press
Double Axe Handle
Shoulder Block
Diving Elbow
Diving Leg Drop
Knee Drop
Elbow Attack
Shoulder Block
Neckbreaker Drop
Facecrusher 2
Sleeper Hold
Scissor Sweep
Hardyz Double Leg Drop
Spike Piledriver
Special: Flowing DDT
Favorite: Scissor Sweep
Combo1: Austin Punches
Combo2: Buh Buh Ray Punches (Flipped)
Combo3: Shuffle Side Kick 1

William Regal:

Model A-2

Face: Figure 1
Nose 12
Eyes 27--Default
Mouth 5

Hair: Figure 2
Base 1--Var 128/Shade 137/Bright 148

Upper Body:
Base 5
Figure 1
Wrists 27--Default

Lower Body:
Base 2
Figure 2
Underwear 1--L 127/Var 203/Shade 128/Bright 108
Shoes 22--L 55/Var 202/Shade 150/Bright 112
Knees 2--Var 194/Shade 150/Bright 72

Upper Body:
Chest--Mass 131/Width 128/Thick 134
Abs----Mass 134/Width 141/Thick 128
Height 619

Yes Comment: SMASHING!

Personality 1: Career
Personality 2: Gentleman
Movie: Dean Malenko

Double Arm Suplex 2
All Neckbreakers
European/Bossman Uppercut
Samoan Drop
Reverse Chin Lock
Queen Angelito Stretch
Special: STF

Terri Runells:

Model B-2

Face: Figure 9
Nose 91
Eyes 96--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 112
Mouth 96

Hair: Figure 6
Base 60--Var 127/Shade 134/Bright 128

Upper Body:
Base 1
Chest 3
T-Shirt 66--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 64
Shirt 51--L 55/Var 128/Shade 37/Bright 56

Lower Body:
Base 1
Figure Pants + Heel
Underwear 6--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 64
Shoes 4--L 45/Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 48
Pants 50--Default

Skin: Advanced: 126/122/120

Head---Mass 123/Width 124/Thick 122
Upper Body:
Chest--Mass 126/Width 125/Thick 128
Abs----Mass 126/Width 125/Thick 128
Arms---Mass 129/Width 130/Thick 128
Fore---Mass 129/Width 130/Thick 128
Wrist--Mass 129/Width 130/Thick 128
Hands--Mass 129/Width 130/Thick 128
Lower Body:
Waist--Mass 117/Width 115/Thick 119
Thighs-Mass 113/Width 115/Thick 112
Legs---Mass 126/Width 125/Thick 128
Ankles-Mass 126/Width 125/Thick 128
Feet---Mass 126/Width 125/Thick 128
Height 614

Music: Saturn
Taunt: Witch Taunt
Create-A-Manager as manager of Perry Saturn


Head: Standard--Original: Head Model 032

Upper Body: Standard--Original: Upper Model 056

Lower Body: Standard--Original: Lower Model 072

Special Move: Strong Reverse DDT (Curtain Call)

Favorite Move: Kick To Groin in Turnbuckle (Shattered Dreams)

Новые Костюмы

The Godfather:

Head: Standard-Superstars: The Goodfather

Upper Body:
Figure 2
Vest 01--Var 225/Shade 230/Bright 88
Wrists 30--/Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 160
Shirt 42--/Var 128/Shade 255/Bright 20
Accessory 15--Var 165/Shade 128/Bright 128
Hands 11--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 128

Lower Body:
Pants 32--Var 20/Shade 100/Bright 140
Shoes 01-Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 128

Weapon: Wood Stick
Moves: The Goodfather
Music: Val Venis


Model A-2

Face: Figure 1
Nose 64
Eyes 30--Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 0
Mouth 1

Hair: Figure 10
Base 57--Var 128/Shade 135/Bright 108
Back 1--Var 123/Shade 139/Bright 76
Facial Hair: 24--Var 126/Shade 152-Bright 156
Accessory-Paint: 40
Mask-Accessory: 12

Upper Body
Standard-Original: 64

Lower Body:
Standard-Original: 86


The Undertaker:

Face: Figure 4
Nose 67
Eyes 21--Default
Mouth 2

Hair: Figure 2
Base 57--Var 129/Shade 136/Bright 124
Back 1--Var 128/Shade 148/Bright 104
Accessory: Paint 37--Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 184

Upper Body:
Base 7
Figure 1
Shirt 40--L 32/Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 32
Wrists 1--L 56/Var 159/Shade 0/Bright 72
Hands 1--Var 164/Shade 0/Bright 128
Accessory 6--Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 88

Lower Body:
Tights 2--L 128/Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 76
Shoes 20--L 57/Var 128/Shade 0/Bright 72

Height 693

Al Snow (J. O. B. Squad):

Head: Standard-Original: Head Model 001

Upper Body:
Standard-Original: Upper Model 001

Lower Body:
Standard-Original: Lower Model 021

Weapon: Head
Moves: Al Snow
Music: ????

Val Venis (Right to Censors):

Head: Standard-Superstars: Val Venis

Upper Body: Standard-Superstars: Stevie Richards

Lower Body: Standard-Superstars: Stevie Richards

Weapon: Piped Chair
Moves: Val Venis
Music: RTC

Ivory (Right to Censors):

Head Standard-Superstars: Ivory

Upper Body:
Shirt 002 (Chest 001) 127,128,0,128
Accessories 001 (128,0,76)

Lower Body:
Superstars-Steven Richards

Weapon: Piped Chair
Moves: Ivory
Music: RTC

"Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry:

Head: Standard-Superstars: Mark Henry

Upper Body:
Standard-Original: Upper Model 007

Lower Body:
Standard-Original: Lower Model 006

Weapon: ????
Moves: Mark Henry
Music: Mark Henry

Bradshaw (Acolytes):

Head: Standard-Superstars: Bradshaw

Upper Body:
Standard-Original: Upper Model 008

Lower Body:
Standard-Original: Lower Model 008

Weapon: Chair
Moves: Bradshaw
Music: APA

Faarooq (Acolytes):

Head: Standard-Superstars: Faarooq

Upper Body:
Standard-Original: Upper Model 008

Lower Body:
Standard-Original: Lower Model 008

Weapon: Chair
Moves: Faarooq
Music: APA

Buh Buh Ray Dudley (Dudleys):

Head: Standard-Superstars: Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Upper Body:
Standard-Original: Upper Model 010

Lower Body:
Standard-Original: Lower Model 010

Weapon: Chair
Moves: Buh Buh Ray Dudley
Music: Dudley Boys


Jushin "Thunder" Liger:

Face: Figure 1
Nose 1
Eyes 1
Mouth 1

Hair: Figure 2
Base 39
Back 1 Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 100

Base 60 Fig. 1 Var 32/Shade 128/Bright 128
Accessory 16 Fig. 2 Var 27/Shade 128/Bright 128
Horns 14 Fig. 2 Var 211/Shade 128/Bright 128

Upper Body:
Shirt 33 Fig. 1 L 127/Var 62/Shade 138/Bright 128
Wrists 27 L 128/Var 39/Shade 134/Bright 128
Elbows 15 Var 121/Shade 148/Bright 128
Accessory 143 Fig.1 Var 128/Shade 170/Bright 128

Lower Body:
Shoes 20 Fig. 1 L 67/Var 218/Shade 0/Bright 124
Tights 41 Fig. 1 L 128/Var 63/Shade 137/Bright 128
Knees 30 Fig. 1 Var 128/Shade 128/Bright 128
Belt 1 Fig. 1 Var 222/Shade 144/Bright 128

Yes: Hai! Yakusuku!
No: Ora o nameru na yo!

Moves: Unknown Q

Mitsuharu Misawa:

Nose 111

Eyes 058 (128/128/108)

Mouth 048

Base 052 (128/0/32)

Upper Body
Base M-Type 006
Wrist Bands Wrist 001 (length 48 128/0/128)
Elbow Pad 005 (128/128/48, Right Only)

Lower Body
Shoes 007 (length 49 128/0/136)
Tights Body Suit 033 (default length and colors)

Skin Colors Advanced (130/130/108)

Moves: Unknown S

The Great Muta:

Face: Figure 12
Nose: 7
Eyes: 14
Mouth: 10

Hair: Figure: 5
Base: 36--Var 128/Shade 112/Bright 72

Paint: 15 (leave default colors)
Accessory: 20 (leave default colors)

Upper Body Figure: 3
Base: 9

Wrist Band 34 (Length: 55 239/125/92)
Hands 9 Fingers: 15

Lover Body Figure: Normal 1
Skin: 5
Shoes: 5 (128/128/124)
Pants 29 (148/98/124)

Head: Mass: 139 Width: 143 Thickness: 135
Chest: Mass: 123 Width: 129 Thickness: 118
Abs: Mass: 121 Width: 129 Thickness: 113
Arms: Mass: 124 Width: 125 Thickness: 123
Fore: Mass: 123 Width: 128 Thickness: 118
Wrist: Mass: 129 Width: 134 Thickness: 124
Hands: Mass: 127 Width: 129 Thickness: 125
Waist: Mass: 128 Width: 128 Thickness: 128
Thighs: Mass: 139 Width: 144 Thickness: 134
Legs: Mass: 132 Width: 149 Thickness: 115
Ankles :Mass: 128 Width: 128 Thickness: 128
Feet: Mass: 130 Width: 131 Thickness: 130
Skin: Base: Color 2 Var 129/Shade 127/Bright 132
Height: 609

Weapons: Bell Hammer

Moves: Unknown M

The Great Sasuke:

Paint 035 (90/255/128)
Mask 005 (128/0/104)
Accessory 028 (58/255/72)

Upper Body:
Shirt 040 (length 120/ 128/128/28)
Wrist Band Wrist 009 (length 37/ 128/128/44), R & L
Hands Type 007 (128/128/8), R & L
Accessory 145 (128/0/252)

Lower Body
Accessory 001 (length 29/ 128/122/164)
Shoes 034 (128/128/48)
Pants 032 (128/128/92)
Belt 019 (138/173/128)
Skin Colors: Base Color 2

Moves: Special - Top-Rope Hurracanrana

Aja Kong:

Type B-3 female

Nose 007
Eyes 050 (128/128/0)
Mouth 003

Base Hair 071 (Fig. 06) (128/128/60)
Paint: Base Type 20 Head Type 10 - Default
Paint: Accessories Type 37 - Default

Upper Body Base M-Type 001
T-Shirt 04-Normal 3 (211/255/100)
Hands Type 05 (128/0/0)

Lower Body
Shoes 001 (length 36 (211/255/100))
Pants Type 17 - (211/255/88)
Skin Colors: Adv Colors (128/134/100)

Lots of Power attack and Roughneck attack!

Super Fall-away Slam
Boston Crab
Fall-away Slam
Strong Head Butt
Super Tazz Suplex
Favorite: Spinning Back Chop
Special: The Last Ride

Rock 3/Come on!
Cut Throat

Winning Move: Undertaker 2

Manami Toyota:

Type B-2 Female

Nose 085
Eyes 077 (128/128/0)
Mouth 070

Base Hair 056 (Hair 06, (128/0/16)
Back Long Hair 002 (Hair 06, (128/0/16)

Upper Body
T-Shirts Type 001, Chest 02 (Length 127, 128/0/56)
Accessories: Type 142 (128/128/128)

Lower Body
Shoes 001 (length 57 128/0/128)
Shorts 55 (Normal + Heel, Length 33, 128/0/56)
Knee Pads 002 (128/0/40)

Skin Colors: Adv Colors (134/108/140)

Moves: Unknown J, with following exceptions:

Handspring to Kick --> Cross Body
Mexican Surfboard --> Bow & Arrow Lock
Queen Angelito Stretch --> Deathlock w/ Bridge

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